2.5 -Canning Vegetables

Vegetables, except tomatoes, are low in acidity. Pressure canning is the only safe method for vegetables.

Vegetables can be canned, raw or cooked. In most cases it is best to put them in jars without pre-cooking. The canning treatment is quite long and often more than enough to cook the products.
It is important to choose fresh vegetables and slightly immature. Bruised vegetables should be set aside for immediate consumption.

For canning raw vegetables, simply place them in clean hot jars and then cover them with boiling water up to 1 inch (27 mm.) from the top.
For cooked vegetables, pre-cooke them in boiling water. Pour the vegetables into jars and cover with the precooking liquid or boiling water up to 1 inch (27 mm.) from the top.

Note: For green vegetables, as they make the cooking water bitter, it is best to replace it with fresh boiling water to fill the jars.

The following table shows the recommended processing time for canning the most popular vegetables:
Vegetables processing chart

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