1.1- Why make your own canned food?

For more and more people, concerned about their food and the environmental impacts of industrial production, home canning is becoming a very interesting alternative. It allows better control of the origin and quality of products and help avoid the use of many additives that can sometimes be harmful.
Fruits and Vegetables canned on the day they are pick have better nutritional qualities. They are tastier than most “fresh” vegetables on the supermarket shelves.

In many cases, substantial savings are realized. Seasonal products can be purchased inexpensively during local harvest period. Foreign productions are much more expensive once they reach the shelves of the supermarkets.

Using only the energy required for sterilization, home canning is cheaper than freezing. You can store garden vegetables and fruits without over-consumption of energy!

Greater respect for the environment. Indeed the production and transportation of industrial canned food are costly to the planet. Food you are canning yourself is a concrete way to fight against overconsumption and waste.

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