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Kedjenou Chicken

Kedjenou Chicken Preparation: 30 minutes Cooking time: 40 minutes Servings: 6 TODAY a delicious exotic menu. We visit the African continent, specifically the Ivory Coast, Country Located in western Africa. The original chicken “Kedjenou” is cooked in a “canari” but outside the continent a pressure cooker will work just fine. In the Baule language kedjenou […]


BOLOGNESE sauce For: 6 people Difficulty: Easy Cost: Medium Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 45 minutes A rich and creamy sauce as desired. This classic sauce is probably the best known and that which exists in the largest number of versions. Perfect for a meal with friends during a chilly winter evening. plum tomatoes […]

Avocado sauce with lime

Avocado sauce with lime   JeBouffe Favorite   For: 8 people Difficulty: Easy Cost: Economical Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes Quick and tasty sauce for avocado and fragrance of the south lovers. Ingredients: Avocados – [5] Lime (juice) – [2] Onion (large) – [1] Plum Tomatoes – [10] Fresh Basil – [30] […]

Al Tonno Sauce (tuna)

Al Tonno Sauce (Tuna) Production: 6 – Serving Preparation: 2 Minutes Cooking: 30 Minutes A simple sauce but particularly tasty and easy to prepare. Try it out! Ingredients: Plum Tomatoes (28 oz. can) – [1] Olive oil – [1/3 cup]  (85 ml.) Garlic cloves – [4] Tuna (in Oil) (5.5 oz. can)  – [1] Steps: […]

Al Pomodoro Sauce

Al Pomodoro Sauce Production: 2 – Serving Preparation: 5 Minutes Cooking: 30 Minutes All the flavor of the basil in a simple tomato sauce. A quick treat that will delight the guests. Ingredients: Fresh Basil – [4] Olive oil – [1/4 cup]  (65 ml.) Onion – [1] Garlic cloves – [4] Crushed Red Pepper – […]