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Pickled cauliflower

Pickled cauliflower Production: 10 – 500ml. Jars Preparation: 45 Minutes Cooking: 10 Minutes Canning (boilling bath): 10 Minutes Lovers of pickles will agree that the pickled cauliflower is a star vegetable in the serving trays. Easy to prepare, very pleasing to the eye, crisp on the palate and an exquisite flavor, this marinade will make everyone […]

Apples and Plum jam

Apples and Plum jam Production: 12 – 250ml. Jars Preparation: 15 Minutes Cooking: 80 Minutes Canning (boilling bath): 10 Minutes A improved version of the simple plum jam. The marriage of plums and apples gives us an amazing result, apples have diluted the concentration of pectin plums, this jam has a perfect texture spreads for […]

Pork Cretons à la JeBouffe

Pork Cretons à la JeBouffe A JeBouffe favorite Production: 8 – 250ml. Jars Preparation: 15 Minutes Rest time: 0 Minute Cooking: 3 Hours Canning (pressure canning): 60 Minutes Inspired by a familly recipe. This recipe is very easy to make and produces great and tasty cretons with a little twist thanks to the superb blend […]

Cherries Jam

Cherries Jam Production: 8 – 250ml. Jars Preparation: 60 Minutes Cooking: 15 Minutes Canning (boilling bath): 10 Minutes The incomparable taste of the cherry makes it one of the most interesting fruit to work on in the kitchen. Today we have a very basic and simple recipe but the end result is still one of the best jam we have ever enjoy […]

Nectarine Chutney

Nectarine Chutney Production: 6 – 250ml. Jars Preparation: 45 Minutes Rest time: 20 Minutes Cooking: 60 Minutes Canning (boilling bath): 15 Minutes A particularly tasty and very spicy condiment that is a real hit on many grilled meats or fish. The nectarine parfume combines beautifully with the warmth of the pepper and the spices aromas. Ingrédients: Nectarine – [ 8 cups ]  ( 2000 ml. ) Pickling Salt – [ 2 […]