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Apples stuffed with pork and spices

Apples stuffed with pork and spices Production: 6 – Serving Preparation: 20 Minutes Cooking: 45 Minutes Very few flavors can be married as nicely than the apple and pork. The cookbooks are full of examples of all the possible mix that cooks and chefs have developed around those two product. This recipe continues the tradition by combining a […]

Apple sauce with a touch of nutmeg and vanilla

Apple sauce with a touch of nutmeg and vanilla Production: 10 – 250ml. Jars Preparation: 30 Minutes Cooking: 20 Minutes Canning (boilling bath): 15 Minutes The apple sauce is a staple for pastry lovers but it is also a tasty condiment on bread, muffins and Skone. It can also be used to accompany many recipes for grilled pork, […]

Stuffed pork tenderloin on apples

Stuffed pork tenderloin on apples Production: 4 – Serving Preparation: 15 Minutes Cooking: 20 Minutes The pork tenderloin is an ideal product to create tasty and original dishes. It is a lean but very tender and juicy cut of meat. The marriage of fruit and pork is a classic combination that offers a very wide range of […]

Apples and Plum jam

Apples and Plum jam Production: 12 – 250ml. Jars Preparation: 15 Minutes Cooking: 80 Minutes Canning (boilling bath): 10 Minutes A improved version of the simple plum jam. The marriage of plums and apples gives us an amazing result, apples have diluted the concentration of pectin plums, this jam has a perfect texture spreads for […]

Apple and Cranberry Muffins

Apple and Cranberry Muffins Production: 12 – Serving Preparation: 10 Minutes Cooking: 20 Minutes A real healthy muffin to start the day. This recipe contains no extra flavoring to preserve all the taste of apples and cranberries. Ingredients: Oatmeal Flakes (Quick Cooking) – [1 cup]  (250 ml.) Vanilla yogurt  – [1 cup]  (250 ml.) Canola […]