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Rich Apples French Toast

Rich Apples French Toast Production: 4 – Serving Preparation: 10 Minutes Cooking: 15 Minutes Here is a  French toast recipe for special occasions. The marriage of tastes and textures of apples, yogurt, cardamom and pistachios is absolutely delicious. This french toast is perfect to fill a small sweet tooth and even the biggest appetites. Using […]

Meatloaf with Apples and Pork

Meatloaf with Apples and Pork Production: 8 – Serving Preparation: 15 Minutes Cooking: 60 Minutes Of all the products readily available on the market, the apple is probably one of the most enjoyable and easy to cook. Inexpensive but with a generous and pleasant flavor, this fruit combines smoothly with so many other and enable us to […]

Apples and Maple Crisp

Apples and Maple Crisp Production: 4 – Serving Preparation: 10 Minutes Rest time: 5 Minutes Cooking: 45 Minutes HA! Apples! What a delicious fruit fall offers us with the delicious and juicy apple. We take this opportunity to share this great everyday favorite, the apple crisp. By adding a small spoon of maple syrup, it […]

Tasty Apple Cake

Tasty Apple Cake Production: 8 – Serving Preparation: 20 Minutes Cooking: 70 Minutes As the title indicates, it is a cake made of apple that we offer here. The paste is only used to hold together the apple slices that make up the heart of this delicious dessert. As it is often the case with apples, […]

Apple Cranberry Pistachio Cake

Apple Cranberry Pistachio Cake Production: 6 – Serving Preparation: 20 Minutes Cooking: 20 Minutes Fall the beautiful season of plenty. Nature gives us two of its tastiest fruit: apple and cranberry. And to make the event even more enjoyable there are two products that combine to perfection. In our recipe, the soft texture of cooked apple blends […]