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Preventing Fruit from Browning

Posted 17/06/2011 By Francois

When you cut or peel fruit the flesh is exposed to oxygen and oxidation (browning) will often occurs.
To prevent this reaction you can use a simple bath made of:
1/4 cub (50ml) of lemon juice
4 cups (1 L) of cold water

By quickly dipping the fruits in this bath you will prevent oxidation and preserve the good look of the products.

Make your own dried breadcrumbs

Posted 05/06/2011 By Edith

Make your own dried breadcrumbs

We all eat bread and when it is less fresh, we tend to throw it away, which is a waste pure and simple. Many believe, wrongly, that when bread became hard, it is no longer useful. Yet with a food processor, it’s easy to transform this dry bread into a great homemade breadcrumbs since breadcrumbs is in fact dry bread reduced to crumbs.

Homemade breadcrumb

The commercial breadcrumbs purchased in grocery stores are expensive for nothing, besides being composed of ingredients that can often cause some unpleasant surprises.
For example, some commercial crumbs contain among others:
1- corn syrup with high fructose;
2- vegetable oil partially hydrogenated, source of Fat;
3- enriched white flour;
4- molasses;
5- sugar;
6- wheat gluten;
7- a lot of sodium;
8- chemical preservatives.

So why buy these crumbs?? When it is healthier and so easy to do yourself with pieces of dry bread?
The remains of whole wheat bread are even better deal because there are more vitamins, minerals and fiber.

stale bread, crackers, bits of bread, crusts of bread that you do not eat.

Dry your old bread to ambient air
Once everything is dry, put it all in a food processor and grind into powder. Then sift to remove the few pieces tougher than the blades of the processor. You get a homemade crumb ready to be used and that can be stored easily in a glass jar in a cupboard.