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Home made Granola

Posted 26/02/2012 By Edith

Home made Granola

Production: 5 – 1 pint  Jars
Preparation: 20 Minutes
Cooking: 45 Minutes

What could be better than a bowl of granola to start the day? This popular blend of toasted cereals is a favorite on many tables and is also considered an excellent source of dietary energy. It is often served as is, with milk or yogurt, but it can also be used to add crunch to fruit salads or creamy desserts.

The granola is composed mainly of oatmeal and coconut flakes, a little honey or maple syrup, spices and finally a generous portion of dried fruit.

The preparation is quite simple and requires only little time to roast the cereals and prepare the syrup which will bind all ingredients together. The syrup can be sweetened with maple syrup, honey, corn syrup or brown sugar. The proportion of sugar is quite low (1 cup for 10 cups of granola) but it is sufficient to reduce the bitterness of the cereals and nuts.

The basic recipe is made of 3 parts oatmeal + 1 part coconut flakes + 2 parts nuts + 1 part of bran + 1 part of sugar + 3 parts of dried fruit. We add vanilla, spices and a little oil. After mixing all ingredients except the fruit. We baked, Then add the fruits to the hot mixture before allowing it to cool slowly.

We give you, below, the favorite recipe of JeBouffe. It is flavored with almond extract, nutmeg and the cinnamon. The sugar used is maple syrup and the nuts are almonds and pumpkin seeds that add a pleasant crunch.

With the exception of oatmeal and coconut all the ingredients can be replaced by products of the same family. For example:
Pecans for almonds and hazelnuts for pumpkin seeds.
Honey or corn syrup for maple syrup.
Ginger, five spice, mace, a little chili powder and star anise for the spices.

The choice of dried fruit can also vary infinitely according to your tastes. In our recipe we use blueberries, grapes, cranberries and pineapple cubes but pieces of plums, apricots, dried apples or bananas are excellent. (Make sure to cut the fruits into small pieces the size of a grape).
Home made Granola
Oatmeal Flakes (Quick Cooking) – [3 cups]  (750 ml.)
Coconut Flakes  – [1 1/2 cup]  (375 ml.)
Weat Bran – [1/2 cup]  (125 ml.)
Oat bran  – [1/2 cup]  (125 ml.)
Slivered Almonds  – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Pumpkin Seeds   – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Salt – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)
Maple syrup – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Canola Oil – [1/2 cup]  (125 ml.)
Vanilla (extract) – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)
Almond (extract) – [2 teaspoons]  (10 ml.)
Ground Cinnamon  – [2 teaspoons]  (10 ml.)
Ground Nutmeg – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)
Mixed dried fruit – [3 cups]  (750 ml.)
Espresso Coffee – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)

1- Preheat the oven to 300 F (160 C).
2- Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.
3- In a large bowl, combine cereal, nuts, coconut flakes and salt. Set aside.
4- In a small saucepan combine maple syrup and oil. Bring to a gentle boil and remove from heat.
5- Add vanilla and almond extract,cinnamon and nutmeg to the hot syrup . Steep for 5 minutes.
6- Pour the syrup into the cereal and mix well.
7- Spread on plate and cook approx. 45 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.
8- (When cooking the mix) in a large bowl, mix the dried fruits and espresso coffee.
9- Mix well and let stand for 15 minutes at the counter. Drain excess liquid through a fine strainer and keep only the fruits.
10- When the grains mix is cooked, place in a large bol and add the dried fruits to the hot cereal.
11-  Mix well and let cool down to room temperature.
12- Keep in tightly closed glass jars in a dry and dark place.

Rich Apples French Toast

Posted 14/10/2011 By Edith

Rich Apples French Toast

Production: 4 – Serving
Preparation: 10 Minutes
Cooking: 15 Minutes

Here is a  French toast recipe for special occasions. The marriage of tastes and textures of apples, yogurt, cardamom and pistachios is absolutely delicious. This french toast is perfect to fill a small sweet tooth and even the biggest appetites. Using yogurt to garnish adds a creamy texture in the mouth while being healthy if you use a low-fat product.

It’s a good and delicious way to use some of the apples harvested at the end of the season.

Rich Apples French Toast

Butter – [4 tablespoons]  (60 ml.)
Apples – [3]
Dried Cranberries – [2 tablespoons]  (30 ml.)
Golden Dried Raisins – [2 tablespoons]  (30 ml.)
Honey – [1/4 cup]  (65 ml.)
Ground Cardamom – [1/2 teaspoon]  (3 ml.)
Eggs (large) – [2]
Milk – [1 1/2 cup]  (375 ml.)
Bread (thick slices) – [4]
Ground Nutmeg – [1/2 teaspoon]  (3 ml.)
Pistachios nuts – [1/4 cup]  (65 ml.)
Vanilla Greek Yogurt  – [1/4 cup]  (65 ml.)

1- Coarsely chop the pistachios and set aside.
2- Wash, peel and cut apples into thin slices.
3- In a large ovenproof skillet, heat 2 tablespoons (30 mL) of butter.
4- Add the apples, raisins and cranberries. Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring regularly.
5- Add 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of honey and the cardamom. Cook another 3-4 minutes.
6- Remove from heat and set aside.
7- Preheat oven to 350F (180C).
8- In a large bowl, mix eggs, milk and remaining honey.
9- Soak the bread slices in the mixture.
10- In skillet, melt 2 tablespoons (30 mL) of butter over medium heat.
11- Place the bread slices in butter and sprinkle with nutmeg.
12- Cook one side for 3 minutes on medium fire.
13- Turn the slices and bake 5 minutes in the oven.
14- Place the slices on plates and divide the yogurt and apple mixture on top.
15- Divide the chopped pistachios on top and serve immediately.

Crabapples and raisins muffins

Posted 20/08/2011 By Edith

Crabapples and raisins muffins

Production: 12 – Serving
Preparation: 10 Minutes
Cooking: 20 Minutes

The first apples to appear on the market are the small crabapples.
They are ideal to cook delicious jellies and ketchup or shutney where their sour side is welcome.

Another way to appreciate them :  in muffins.
This recipe combines the flavors of the crabapples to those of cinnamon and currants. A divine mix to enjoy with pleasure

CrabApples and raisin muffins

Oatmeal Flakes (Quick Cooking) – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Vanilla yogurt  – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Canola Oil – [1/2 cup]  (125 ml.)
Egg (large) – [1]
Brown Sugar – [3/4 cup]  (190 ml.)
Flour (all purpose) – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Salt – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)
Baking soda – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)
Baking Powder – [2 teaspoons]  (10 ml.)
Crabapples – [3/4 cup]  (190 ml.)
Champagne (Corinth) Grapes – [1/4 cup]  (65 ml.)
Lemon juice  – [1/4 cup]  (65 ml.)
Ground Cinnamon  – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)

1- Preheat the oven to 400F (200C).
2- Soak the oatmeal in yogurt to moisten.
3- Beat the egg.
4- Add oil, brown sugar and egg to the oatmeal.
5- Sift together the flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon.
6- In a small bol pour the lemon juice.
7- Cut the crabapples into slices and add with the dry raisin into the lemon juice.
8- Combine all ingredients and mix gently.
9- Pour into muffin cups.
10- Bake for about 20 min.

Double Chocolate Muffins

Posted 04/08/2011 By Edith

Double Chocolate Muffins

Production: 10 – Serving
Preparation: 15 Minutes
Cooking: 20 Minutes

Absolutely delicious, even decadent, these muffins are easy to prepare.
For the real chocolate lover in us.
Note, however, the dough is much more liquid than normal muffin batter.

Double Chocolate Muffins

Flour (all purpose) – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
White Sugar – [1/2 cup]  (125 ml.)
Dry Cocoa (Powder) – [3 tablespoons]  (45 ml.)
Baking Powder – [2 teaspoons]  (10 ml.)
Salt – [1/2 teaspoon]  (3 ml.)
Egg  – [1]
Milk – [3/4 cup]  (190 ml.)
Canola Oil – [1/3 cup]  (85 ml.)
Chocolate chips – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)

1- Preheat oven to 375 F (190).
2- In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, salt and chocolate chips.
3- Make a hole in the center of thew dry ingredients.
4- Mix egg, milk and oil.
5- Add the liquid ingredients to the dry ones and stir gently. The dough should be crumbly.
6- Put the dough in a greased muffin pan.
7- Bake for 20 minutes.