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The 5th book in the JeBouffe Express collection just came out under the title: “Season’s Canning”. It is still warm and full of ideas for your enjoyment.

In this book we give you suggestions to offer unique gifts for the holiday season. With a little elbow grease, a little courage to face your kitchen and you’ll have it. We have round up 20 recipes for jams, marmalades and spreads to prepare with love in order to create some nice gift baskets for your loved ones.

Happy Holiday - Season's Canning cookbook

It’s better than paying for a trivial I-gadget. Just get started and you will be ready for Christmas. Yum, yum, imagine your love ones in the aftermath of Christmas Eve enjoying your wonderful jams around the breakfast table!

Do not hesitate, take a look at our book and buy it to prepare for a magical holiday season.

JeBouffe-Express Soups from Garden Vegetables

Posted 13/08/2011 By Francois

JeBouffe-Express Soups from Garden Vegetables

JeBouffe-Express Soups from Garden Vegetables

In this book we offer you a range of delicious recipes for VEGETABLES soup from the garden. A good flavored soup is always welcome for a quick lunch full of vitamins. It’s fast, easy and very good to eat.

You’ll also find some recipes for some unusual but very tasty cream of vegetables. With a hint of pepper and the various spices your cream can take a completely different flavor. Your palate will be delighted.