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JeBouffe-Express Soups from Garden Vegetables

Posted 13/08/2011 By Francois

JeBouffe-Express Soups from Garden Vegetables

JeBouffe-Express Soups from Garden Vegetables

In this book we offer you a range of delicious recipes for VEGETABLES soup from the garden. A good flavored soup is always welcome for a quick lunch full of vitamins. It’s fast, easy and very good to eat.

You’ll also find some recipes for some unusual but very tasty cream of vegetables. With a hint of pepper and the various spices your cream can take a completely different flavor. Your palate will be delighted.

Our New Recipes Book is Here!

Posted 19/07/2011 By Francois

It’s official:

“JeBouffe Home Canning Recipes Vol.1” is now available online.

You can get it from Smashwords, Amazon, Apple Store (in a few weeks)

JeBouffe Home Canning Recipes ebook on many platforms

Our book is available in many formats so you can read it on your PC, your tablet (iPad or Android), your eReader (Kindle, Sony etc) and even on your smartphone (iPhone or Android)


JeBouffe Home Canning guide now on Amazon

Posted 24/06/2011 By Francois


Jebouffe 1st ebook is now available

Posted 23/06/2011 By Francois

We are pleased to announce that ou first ebook “JeBouffe Home Canning” is now available for download is many popular format (PDF, .mobi, epub, txt). You can get it from the SmashWords website at:

JeBouffe Home Canning cover

The book is available in both english and french and will soon be listed on the Kindle store as well.