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Clementines and citrus jam

Posted 09/11/2011 By Francois

Clementines and citrus jam

Production: 5 – 1/2 pint  Jars
Preparation: 45 Minutes
Cooking: 45 Minutes
Canning (boilling bath): 10 Minutes minutes in a boilling water bath

A sunny and light jam to brighten our dark winter mornings.
Much simpler to prepare and much less bitter than traditional marmalade, this jam is sure to please fans of citrus … and gourmands of all kinds.

The addition of vanilla caviar is optional but adds a nice touch of flavor that goes well with the fruit flavors.
You can also adjust the amount of julienned zest to your taste. The more you use and your jam will be more dense and a touch of bitterness will become more noticeable.

Note: citrus jams are quite slow to gel after sterelisation. Wait at least 48hrs, without moving the jars, to give it the time to take.

Clementines and citrus jam

Clementine – [20]
Lemons – [2]
Oranges – [2]
Lime – [1]
White Sugar – [5 cups]  (1,3 L.)
Vanilla caviar – [1/2 teaspoon]  (3 ml.)
Orange juice – [4 cups]  (1 L.)
Liquid pectin 2.8 oz. (85 ml.) pouche – [2]

1- Wash and scrub all the fruits.
2- Peel the clementines and set the peels aside with the zest from 1 lemon, 1 orange and the lime.
3- Slice the clementines, 1 lemon and 1 orange.
4- Cut the slices into smaller pieces and measure 5 cups (1.3 L).
5- Get the juice of the fruit not yet sliced ​​(1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 orange).
6- Cut the fruits peells and zest into fine juliennes and measure 2 cups (500 ml).
7- Blanch the juliennes 5 minutes in a rolling boil and then cool them in cold water.
8- In a large saucepan, heat all the pieces of fruit over medium heat. Add the sugar gradually, stirring regularly.
9- When the sugar is melted, add the orange juice and the zest and peel juliennes.
10- Mix well and bring back to a boil.
11- Cook 10 minutes over medium heat and add the vanilla caviar.
12- Continue cooking for about 15 minutes.
13- Bring to a rolling boil and add the liquid pectin.
14- Bring back to a boil for 1 minute, stirring regularly.
15- Pour into sterilized jars and process for conservation.

– – – Home Canning process – – –
10 Minutes minutes in a boilling water bath

Apple Cranberry Pistachio Cake

Posted 26/09/2011 By Francois

Apple Cranberry Pistachio Cake

Production: 6 – Serving
Preparation: 20 Minutes
Cooking: 20 Minutes

Fall the beautiful season of plenty. Nature gives us two of its tastiest fruit: apple and cranberry. And to make the event even more enjoyable there are two products that combine to perfection.

In our recipe, the soft texture of cooked apple blends beautifully with the acidity of the cranberries and the crunch of pistachio nuts on top of a well flavored cake.

Feel free to experiment with different type of apples, honey and nut to discover the unique combination that will be yours.

Inspiration: site of the Federation of Quebec apple growers (recommended)

Apple Cranberry Pistachio Cake

McIntosh Apples – [6]
Fresh Cranberries – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Lemon juice  – [4 tablespoons]  (60 ml.)
Butter – [3/4 cup]  (190 ml.)
Dark brown rum – [4 tablespoons]  (60 ml.)
Liquid Honey  – [5 tablespoons]  (75 ml.)
Cinnamon – [1/2 teaspoon]  (3 ml.)
Pistachios – [2 cups]  (500 ml.)
Eggs – [3]
White Sugar – [2/3 cup]  (170 ml.)
Flour (all purpose) – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)

1- Preheat the oven to 400F (200C).
2- Peel and cut the apples into thick slices. Sprinkle with lemon juice.
3- In a large skillet, melt 1/2 cup of butter (125ml) and add the apples.
4- Cook 3 minutes over medium heat, turning the pieces regularly.
5- Add the cranberries, honey, cinnamon, half the rum and half the pistachios.
6-  Cook 5 minutes over medium-high and, stirring regularly. Remove from heat.
7- In a blender or food processor, combine eggs, sugar, flour, 2 tsp of melted butter (30ml) and 2 tsp of rum.
8- Prepare 6-8 round molds (or ramekins) of 3-4 inches (7-9 cm) by coating them with butter and flour.
9- Divide the cooked mixture of apples, cranberries and pistachio nuts between the molds.
10- Cover with the dough.
11- Bake 20 minutes at the top of the oven.
12- Turn immediately reversing the molds in serving dishes.
13- Cover with remaining pistachios.
14- Serve warm.

Apple sauce with a touch of nutmeg and vanilla

Production: 10 – 250ml. Jars
Preparation: 30 Minutes
Cooking: 20 Minutes
Canning (boilling bath): 15 Minutes

The apple sauce is a staple for pastry lovers but it is also a tasty condiment on bread, muffins and Skone. It can also be used to accompany many recipes for grilled pork, poultry and even some fish.
When the apple season is in full swing, it’s time to stock the pantry.

Preparing a basic apple sauce is very simple. The only real challenge is preparing the apples. Buying a tool to peel the apples will be a very good investment for any production of 10 or more pots. There are many models easy to find in stores or on ebay.

In our recipe we have added a touch of nutmeg and vanilla. Feel free to experiment with your favorite spices. Some suggestions: Cinnamon is the ideal complement for apples, mace gives the flavor of a delicate taste of nutmeg and hot pepper create a suberb sauce to accompany roast pork etc. ….

Apple sauce with a touch of nutmeg and vanilla

Apples – [10 lbs.]  (4,5 Kg.)
White Sugar – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Ground Nutmeg – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)
Vanilla extract – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)
Lemon juice  – [1/4 cup]  (65 ml.)

1- Prepare a large bowl of cold water and add the lemon juice to it.
2- Peel, core and slice apples. Place in the water.
3- Remove the apples from the bowl and drain.
4- In a large pot, cook the apples over medium heat for 3-4 minutes.
5- When the apples start to disgorge their juice, increase heat to high.
6- Stir regularly until apples are tender.
7- To produce an apple sauce, put everything in a blender or food processor to create a puree.
8- Add sugar, nutmeg and vanilla. Simmer for more 2 minutes to dissolve the sugar.
9- Pour into jars and process for conservation.

– – – Home Canning process – – –
15 minutes in a boilling water bath
– or
8 minutes of pressure canning under 6 lbs of pressure

Plum jam with cinnamon

Posted 09/09/2011 By Francois

Plum jam with cinnamon

Production: 6 – 250ml. Jars
Preparation: 10 Minutes
Cooking: 100 Minutes
Canning (boilling bath): 10 Minutes

Such a pleasure in the morning to find themselves before a beautiful baguette, covered with this delicious plum jam discreetly flavored with a touch of cinnamon.

No added pectin is required since we use of the fruit stones that infuse throughout cooking.

Plum jam with cinnamon

Italian plums – [2 1/2 lbs.]  (1,1 Kg.)
White Sugar – [6 cups]  (1,5 L.)
Lime (Juce and Zest) – [1]
Cinnamon (Stick) – [1]
Butter – [1 tablespoon]  (15 ml.)
Water – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)

1- Wash and cut plums in half. Place the fruit stones in a bag of cheesecloth.
2- Add the cinnamon stick with the stones and close the bag.
3- Place the plums, the bag, the zest and the lime juice in a large pot and add the water.
4- Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for one hour.
5- Add the sugar and butter. Stir well.
6- Bring back to a boil and cook 20 minutes over high heat.
7- Remove from heat.
8- Remove the bag of fruit stones and cinnamon.
9- Pour into sterilized jars.

– – – Home Canning process – – –
10 minutes in a boilling water bath