Traditional Saguenay’s Tourtiere

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Traditional Saguenay’s Tourtiere

Production: 8 – Serving
Preparation: 60 Minutes
Rest time: 24 Hours
Cooking: 6 Hours

In the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean area, the Tourtiere recipe is treated like the one for the Bouillabaisse in Marseille. There are as many variations as there are families in this part of the country. It is our own version of this classic regional Saguenay dish that we ofer you today.

And as my father said so on Sunday evening when the tourtiere arrived on the table: “This dish is so good that it can wake the dead.”

For some people it is admittedly a bit heavy but it has a definite advantage when prepared for a dinner with guests. Anyone can sit at the table at the same time, even the hosts. You only need to scoop some good portions and serve. Nothing to cook on the side, nothing to do at the last minute: it’s wonderful. In the region we love our pie accompany a creamed salad (Latuce, green ognons and 35% cream with a touch of salt and pepper). In short .. according to the tastes you do what you like but the tourtiere dish that sits on the table is definitely fit for a king.

It is unfortunate that odors are not yet available on the internet because it smells so good in the house it is impossible not to salivate while waiting for the meal. And to make you wait until the final cooking you can always listen to floks music group LA BOTTINE SOURIANTE

Traditional Saguenay's Tourtiere

Stewing beef – [1 lbs.]  (454 g.)
Pork – [1 lbs.]  (454 g.)
Veal – [1 lbs.]  (454 g.)
Onion (large) – [1]
Beef consommé (10 oz can, 284ml) – [1]
Potatoes – [3 lbs.]  (1,4 K.)
Pie Crust – [2 lbs.]  (908 g.)
Salt & Pepper to taste – []

1- Cut the meat into small cubes and chop the onion coarsely.
2- In a large bowl (stainless steel or glass) mix the meat and onions. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest in refrigerator for 24 hours.
3- After 24 hours of marinating, preheat the oven to 400 F (205 C).
4- Peel and cut the potatoes into cubes of similar size to that of meat.
5- Add the potatoes and beef consommé to the meat+onion.
6- Mix well and add enough water to cover.
7- Roll half the dough and line two loaf molds.
8- Divide the mixture into the molds.
9- Cover with the rest of the dough. Cut out openings to allow steam to escape. Tightly seal and glaze the surface with beaten egg.
10- Bake for one hour at 400 F (205 C).
11- Reduce the oven temperature to 325 F (162 C). Cover the pies with a sheet of aluminum foil and cook for at least 5 hours.