Slow Cooker Cabbage Cigars

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Slow Cooker Cabbage Cigars

Production: 10 – Serving
Preparation: 30 Minutes
Cooking: 8 Hours

Stuffed cabbage, cabbage cigars or roulade of cabbage are traditional dish in many countries. Generally it consists of beef or pork, seasoned with onions, tomatoes, rice and various spices. All rolled into cabbage leaves.
In Quebec, our version of the cabbage cigar is cooked in tomato sauce. It’s a bit long to prepare for busy people but the result is so comforting that it’s worth taking 30 minutes before leaving for work.

Besides being tasty, this dish is within reach of every budget. A little ground beef, cabbage, some carrots, tomatoes and tomato juice and you have a great dinner for a few dollars.

Our grandmothers use to cook the cabbage cigars in the oven, which is still possible today. However, use of a slow cooker offers two main advantages: slow cooking maximizes the flavors of food and it is safe even if you are away from home.

Today’s recipe exemplifies the type of home-cooked meal to enjoy after a long and tiring day’s work. What could be more comforting than coming home and having the flavor of this tasty dish to tickle the nostrils! It only remains to prepare the accompaniment of your choice, to put you at ease in comfortable clothes and sit at the table in front of a dish reminding us of the ones cooked with love by our mothers.

Note: You can also use a pressure cooker for the cigars. The recipe will be ready after only 30 minutes of cooking.

Slow Cooker Cabbage Cigars

Ground Beef – [1 lbs.]  (454 g.)
Cabbage (leaves)  – [10]
Rice – [1/3 cup]  (85 ml.)
Carrots – [2]
Onion (large) – [1]
Diced tomatoes  (28 oz. can / 796 ml.) – [1]
Tomato juice (19 oz./540 ml. can) – [2]

1- Heat some water in a saucepan.
2- Cut the cabbage leaves and soften a few minutes in the pan of hot water.
3- Mix the ground beef with uncooked rice.
4- Mold into cigar shaped meatballs, salt and pepper to taste.
5- Wrap each ball in a softened cabbage leave.
6- Pick each cigar with a toothpick to hold it.
7- Place in the slow cooker.
8- Cut onion into slices.
9- Wash, peel and cut carrots into strips.
10- Add the onions evenly over carrots and cigars.
11- Cover with the diced tomatoes and tomato juice.
12- Salt and pepper to taste.
13- Cook on low for 8 hours.