The battle of the bitter marmalades

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The battle of the bitter marmalades.

As promised, we’ve compiled the answers of our tasters on the 3 bitter orange marmalades we have prepared this year.

Quick reminder for those who have not had the opportunity to read our articles on marmalades:

The goal was to use exactly the same ingredients for the three marmalades, but they were cooked in three different ways.

1 – The first, that requires two days of preparation, and thought to be the real ” British” bitter marmalade.

2 – The second, prepared in 5-6 hours, offer a sweeter and less bitter taste than the first.

3 – Finally, the third, which is prepared in less than two hours, requires a little physical exertion and gives a less satisfactory result for the real purists.

The battle of the bitter marmalades

Our taster panel consisted of seven people aged between 24 and 80 years, 4 women and 3 men.
Two women are real marmalade’s lover
Two others are less so
Two of the men are also real purists while the latter hardly ever eats marmalade at all.

The result was quite surprising:

The four women preferred the # 2 for the less bitter and sweeter taste .
Two of the men (purists of the “bitter orange marmalade”) chose the # 1 for its bitter side and very pronounced caramelized taste.
Finally, the last man chose the # 2.

Surprising result considering that we used exactly the same ingredients in the same proportions for each of the three recipes.

Marmalade # 3 has not been popular, it was described as a “vulgar” jam. While nie and tasty, our testers did not like rather light texture.

On the picture you can see the color difference of three jams, the first being much darker than the other two.

As was said by Paul Morand, (French writer and diplomat):” What time lost just to save time!”

NB Please note that this survey does not pretend to be a comprehensive scientific study on the tastes of the population regarding bitter marmalade. It is just a little taste test to guide our choice of preparation of marmalade in the coming years.