Spicy Cranberry Chutney

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Spicy Cranberry Chutney

Production: 20 – 1/4 pint  Jars
Preparation: 20 Minutes
Cooking: 45 Minutes
Canning (boilling bath): 10 Minutes minutes in a boilling water bath
Canning (pressure canner): 8 Minutes of processing under  6 lbs of pressure

It is inspired by a Christmas classic that we have prepared this delicious cranberry chutney.
The color and texture remind us the of cranberry sauce from our childhood but the addition of exotic flavors (curry and chili) will flavor and spice up your pies and roasts of the  holiday season.
The tart cranberries, sweet maple syrup and hot spices blend perfectly to produce an ideal condiment on a festive table.

We also recommend this chutney to accompany your eggs-rolls, sandwiches and cold poultry or pork.

NOTE: You can adjust the dose of chile (the recommended quantity create a very spicy chutney).

Spicy Cranberry Chutney

Red Onions (large) – [3 cups]  (750 ml.)
Apples – [3]
Olive oil – [3 tablespoons]  (45 ml.)
Minced Garlic cloves – [5]
Oranges (juice and zest)  – [2]
Cider vinegar – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Maple syrup – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Fresh Cranberries – [8 cups]  (2 L.)
Dried Cranberries – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Crystallized Ginger – [1/4 cup]  (65 ml.)
Madras Curry – [1 tablespoon]  (15 ml.)
Salt – [1 tablespoon]  (15 ml.)
pepper  – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)
Dried Piquin Chilli – [1/2 tablespoon]  (8 ml.)
Water – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Worcestershire sauce – [1 tablespoon]  (15 ml.)

1- Mince the garlic and onions.
2- Cut the apples into small pieces (do not remove the peel).
3- Finely chop the crystallized ginger.
4- Heat the oil in large saucepan.
5- Over medium heat cook the onions, garlic and apples, stirring regularly.
6- Measure fresh and dried cranberries and set aside.
7- Extract the juice and zest the oranges.
8- Add the vinegar, water, maple syrup, cranberries and ginger to the pan and mix well.
9- Add the seasonings (curry Madras, salt, pepper, chili Piquin, and Worcestershire sauce).
10- Simmer over low heat 45 minutes, stirring frequently.
11- Pour into sterilized jars and process for conservation.

– – – Home Canning process – – –
10 Minutes minutes in a boilling water bath
– or
8 Minutes of pressure canning under 6 lbs of pressure