Nun’s sweet bites

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Nun’s sweet bites

Production: 10 – Bites
Preparation: 5 Minutes
Cooking: 20 Minutes

Who does not remember the good smells that emanated from the presbytery to float up to the celebration of Sunday in church. Like any good Catholic we had an obligation to attend Mass on an empty stomach to receive the host. The wonderful smells of the presbytery kitchen tickled our nostrils. We envy the priests to have only a few steps to go from the church to the rectory to find themselves at the table near such well-stocked kitchen.

Nuns, in Quebec, use to made miracles in the kitchen with almost nothing. They had many faults but you can never accuse them of having spent the money away. They prepared their famous sweet bites with leftover pie crust mix. This recipe is “develishly” easy to prepare. Simply spread a layer of butter on the rolled dough and sprinkle, generously, with brown sugar. Mold into a large roll and cut into slices before browning them in the oven.

Nun's sweet bites

Pie Crust(left over) – [1]
Butter – [to taste]
Brown sugar – [to taste]
Ground Cinnamon  – [to taste]

1- Roll the dough on a lightly floured board.
2- Lightly butter the dough.
3- Sprinkle with brown sugar.
4- Add some cinnamon, if desired.
5- Roll the dough into a cylinder.
6- Cut into slices about 1/2 po. (1.5 cm) thick.
7- Place on a greased cookie sheet.
8- Bake at 375F (190C) for 20 minutes.