Tasty Apple Cake

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Tasty Apple Cake

Production: 8 – Serving
Preparation: 20 Minutes
Cooking: 70 Minutes

As the title indicates, it is a cake made of apple that we offer here. The paste is only used to hold together the apple slices that make up the heart of this delicious dessert.

As it is often the case with apples, choice of the apple variety can have a big impact on the cooking time and the final texture of the cake. It is therefore preferable to choose apples that tend to remain relatively firm during cooking, otherwise the heart of the cake will turn to be too “soft” and more like a pudding when cut into portions.

The cooking time is approximate. Before considering that the cake is done it is imperative to check the center with a knife. The timer, in this case is only an indicator.
The type of mold used is also decisive. It is best to choose a tall springform pan.

Tasty Apple Cake

Apples – [6 cups]  (1,5 L.)
Flour (all purpose) – [1 1/2 cup]  (375 ml.)
Baking Powder – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)
White Sugar – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)
Salt – [1/4 teaspoon]  (1 ml.)
Eggs (large) – [3]
Butter – [4 tablespoons]  (60 ml.)
Milk – [1/2 cup]  (125 ml.)
Lemon juice  – [6 tablespoons]  (90 ml.)
Grated nutmeg – [1 teaspoon]  (5 ml.)

1- Preheat oven to 350F (180C).
2-  Set aside half the sugar, half the butter and 1 egg. (For the cream of surface).
3- Wash, peel and cut apples into thin slices to produce 5 cups. Spinkle with lemon juice and set aside.
4-  Wash and thinly slice the remaining apples (unpeeled). Drizzle with lemon juice and set aside.
5- In a large bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt and nutmeg.
6- Melt 2 tablespoons tablespoons (30 ml) butter.
7- Add the butter, sugar, eggs and milk to the dry ingredients and stir to create a smooth paste.
8-  Add the peeled apple slices and stir gently so as not to crush them.
9- Pour into abuttered and floured mold.
10- Place the unpeeled apple slices in a corolla on the top of the cake.
11-  Bake for 20 minutes.
12- In a small bowl, prepare the surface cream: Melt butter, mix with sugar and egg.
13- Pour the mix over cake and return it in the oven.
14- The final baking is variable, about 30 to 55 minutes depending on the size of the mold and the variety of apples. Must be tested every 5 minutes after the first 30 minutes of cooking.
15- Cool the cake at least 30 minutes before removing from pan.

Slice of tasty Apple Cake


  1. Comment by Lauren:

    I can’t believe there are 6 cups of apples in this cake! YUM! Perfect for fall!

  2. Comment by JeBouffe:

    It is, by far, the most “apples rich” cake that I have ever bake. It is also one of the best tasting.