Blueberries Pie

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Blueberries Pie

Production: 6 – Serving
Preparation: 5 Minutes
Cooking: 45 Minutes

Blueberries, source of fiber and vitamin C are the champion in the category of foods rich in antioxidants. In addition to helping prevent cardiovascular disease and certain neurological conditions, this small fruit is the king of taste.

In a pie it is absolutely delicious and makes an excellent dessert, in addition to being easy and quick to prepare.

Taste the local flavor and enjoy. Add a simple vanilla ice cream and you’ll have an absolutely divine dessert.

Pie crust – [2]
Blueberries – [3 cups]  (750 ml.)
Flour (all purpose) – [3 tablespoons]  (45 ml.)
White Sugar – [2 tablespoons]  (30 ml.)
Egg  – [1]

Blueberries pie with ice cream

1- Preheat the oven to 350F  (180 C).
2- Measure 3 cups of blueberries in a large bowl.
3- Mix the flour and sugar with the Blueberries.
4- Place in a deep pie crust of about 9 inches (23 cm).
5- Cover the pie of the second of dough.
6- Beat the egg batter and coat the top with a brush.
7- Cut a small hole in the center of the pie to allow steam to escape.
8-  Bake and cook for 45 minutes at 350F  (180C).

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  1. Comment by Roda:

    Looks deliciously delicious.