Blackcurrant Muffins

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Blackcurrant  Muffins
JeBouffe Favorite

A JeBouffe favorite

Production: 12 – Serving
Preparation: 20 Minutes
Cooking: 35 Minutes

The blackcurrant berry tart flavor is ideal to prepare delicious muffins with a little twist of summer.
The recipe is very simple and has few ingredients as you wish to avoid masking the flavor of the blackcurrant.

Those are, without hesitation, some of the best muffins the JeBouffe team has ever tasted!

Note: The lime juice can be substituted by lemon juice

Blackcurrant  Muffins

Butter – [1/2 cup]  (125 ml.)
White Sugar – [1/2 cup]  (125 ml.)
Eggs (large) – [2]
Plain yogurt  – [1/2 cup]  (125 ml.)
Flour (all purpose) – [1 1/2 cup]  (375 ml.)
Baking Powder – [2 teaspoons]  (10 ml.)
Lime (juice) – [2 tablespoons]  (30 ml.)
Blackcurrant  – [1 cup]  (250 ml.)

1- Preheat the oven to 350F (180C).
2- Wash the Blackcurrant.
3- In a bowl, beat the softened butter and sugar to create a cream.
4-  Add the eggs, lime juice and yogurt. Stir with a whisk to obtain a smooth mixture.
5- In another bowl, tamisr together flour and baking powder.
6- Add the liquid preparation for solid ingredients and mix gently.
7- Add the blackcurrants, folding the dough gently with a spatula.
8- Pour into molds.
9- Bake 35 minutes.